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Bangs braided cheap human hair wigs renderings, very sweet, and very wild, can be used with any human hair lace front wigs, do modeling when bangs always too popularity, and there are no outstanding sense, such a oblique bangs braided hair on the very personality. Let us learn together this bangs braided hair styling, Before braided hair, with a straight to the front of the hair tidy. Oblique bangs braided hair Step one: Before you start braided hair, need to do some preparatory work, the first two bangs eight or nineteen points, specific depends on personal preference and the face, but this is oblique bangs braided hair, can not carve it wants. Oblique bangs braided hair Step Two: After bangs good points, the rest of the hair tied into a ponytail and bangs separated from the body, so we go compiled bangs, bangs braided hair and this can be used with a variety of styles, flaxen human hair wigs for black women, pony tail, ball head, hair, and so on. Oblique bangs braided hair Step Three: now compiled and distributed, starting with the preparation of three braided from the front. That is, the position of the boundary, take a small strand of hair, the preparation of these summarized down three braided hair, loose to the degree appropriate. Oblique bangs braided hair Step four: the step, started to compile three strands braided down, and then the rest of the hair, a little bit of added bangs to be part of the final preparation of the completion of all of braided hair, so look at it, no matter what angles are very beautiful. Oblique bangs braided cheap human hair extensions Step Five: Prepare thin rubber band, use it to braid the tail end tied up, then a little bangs braids Larsson number, in this case, is conducive to do modeling, if you want to use this ponytail with bangs, you can with a U-shaped clip on bangs braided ponytail secured.

The hair-cutting technology - male hard-line pruning techniques hairstyle decomposition: This hair style is a way to keep the outside of the hair-cutting, there is a continuation of the gradient starting level extension, retains most of the perimeter length, while the vertical position of the occipital bone established amount of sense, but also modified the first type and face, neck tightening obvious phenomenon that can make model neck narrowed. Technical effect: B main mode of this technique is to establish a place in the upper and lower occipital amount of sense to increase the head type or a face width, C This technology allows our customers to become narrowed neck, so you can make our customers face and head become Chinese favorite type face and head shape - oval face. Pruning way: the head of the U-shaped partition separated, and the remaining part is a partition inside the U-shaped area of technology we use B to form a bulk effect, the rest of us use anti-head type trim and connect the U-shaped region of the hair, forming a tightening effect, both sides of the forward part of the technology can be used to complete the connection. Decomposition step: 1-2 models as well as partition 3 to find a design line from the head portion, the length of 4 to fix a desired design line is based on the use of anti-head-type internal oblique incision complete trim 5 in the same manner at the top of the U-shaped region 6 haircut comb naturally drawn to finding hairs naturally drawn to each point, trim the desired hairstyle edge lines. 7 partition separated back line and sparse human hair lace front wigs forward 45 degrees, the use of technology to complete the circular edge portion, the length of the custom. 8 to the other side of the hair is based on applying the same manner trim.

Famous fashion designer Zhou Xiangyu third boarded London men's week, released in 2014 spring and summer men's series. The hair part is still administered by the XanderZhou old friend, the fashion hairdressing industry pioneer Vidal Sassoon support, design and fashion art Sassoon hair cutting-edge atmosphere XanderZhou fierce collision, the designer in the eyes of the fashion world vividly demonstrated in front of everyone. The expedition London men's week, XanderZhou not only bring you visual surprise, but also through digital creativity to interpret today's and tomorrow's fashion world. He said: "Let the sharing and exchange network era full of endless possibilities, share itself is more important than the consensus, this release is to show the world I see." The latest in the series to retain the usual fine tailoring and modern sense of the city, and clever use of metallic fabrics, network printing and futuristic shape silhouette to create a personalized range of children England city. Even more amazing is formed by combining four different images from the jacket fully convey the distinctive feature of today's Internet age - sharing and integration. And this is precisely the attitude of open sand hold fashion as fashion hairdressing advocate and leader, Sassoon hair always adhere to the concept of the fusion of personality and characteristics of the times, introduced to today's popular cheap human hair extensions products, innovative interpretation of the future The trend, the Sassoon is XanderZhou show seems to create rules and full of interesting hairstyle is the perfect interpretation of personality and fashion trends. Sassoon as a long-term strategic partnership XanderZhou will be accompanied all the way to unlimited support China Fashion cheap human hair wigs Art inspired dreams.

England originated from the Victorian era Britain. After years of changes and precipitation, are still enduring. Natural, elegant, subtle, reflecting the gentlemanly and noble, revealed the British royal family and noble features. Itself stable, dignified, noble, gentlemanly feeling is still there, but the performance with a little personality, distinctive temperament. Diagnostic analysis: 1 careful thinking, decisive leadership from failing. 2 distinct personality, leading the trend, focus on quality of life 3 confident, wise, open-minded attitude of calm. 4 Chong Shangya caused, in style, the freedom of living 5 sincere and creative, like to explore new things; the hair-cutting steps: 1, the first division of the cross-point line, and then point to the front side of the divided area cross-point line, and finally from Crown Point the lower zoning; 2, men from the lower region of the hair using hair-pin technology, following the completion of the first type trim; 3, trabecular area human hair lace wigs vertical head type lifting, using appropriate accumulation trim complete; 4, the head of the region to enhance human hair wigs for white women trimmed, Last modified outside complete. Focus: bulk weight line: not too heavy and difficult: use a comb and scissors with fat from legs, snapping head type trim perm steps: 1, brick Overlapping down involvement; 2, until the completion of all operations; 3 full head evenly coated release softeners, soften to 8.5 percent; 4, full head evenly coated styling agents, natural park 10 minutes. Black human hair wigs steps: 1, using bleaching powder human hair wigs for black women partially faded light. 2, brick-type coloring operation. 3, until the entire area of operation is completed. 4, the remaining portion of the acidic Rangao be painted blue to put natural park 35 minutes.